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20/20 Vision Course

Break free from mental blocks that keep you in default and create your life and leadership by design.

Get 20/20 with your VISION.


"Since working with Daniella I have made more progress in the past few months than I did in the past many years.
She helped me leave corporate and start a successful heart-based business and had my biggest revenue month! She taught me how to see my value, my gifts and how to serve from my heart.".

Cassandra M.

"I am living my mission and making a living at it.
I am a transformed person who is owns and operates a heart based business for home birth education and mentorship from pregnancy to birth.
Daniella has given me the tools and structure I needed to step away from my job as an RN and create what I truly felt called to do."

Margaret C.

Let’s Be Real For A Second...

Do you desire to have your own heart based business but don't know your long term vision?

Does your mind go blank when you try to think of what your vision is?

Do you struggle to see the bigger picture for your work and want to know?

Are you afraid of what others might think if you start and leave behind your J-O-B?

Do you notice that lacking vision is also creating lack in other areas of your life: family, purpose, spirituality and fulfillment in your work?

Are you getting caught in how you can make a difference with your work and feeling discouraged?

Instead, Imagine IF...

You wake up every morning loving your life and your work because you know your vision and you're living in alignment with it.

You feel joy, fulfillment, and excitement with the work you are doing in the world and it helps others.

The people you serve love working with you and are more than happy to invest in themselves through you.

You feel confident in what you have created because your vision is clear and you know the bigger direction you are heading in.

You feel proud to have created a life and business you absolutely love and is successful.

This is what is within your grasp.
This is the reality that is available.
This is possible when you have 20/20 Vision.

Welcome to The 20/20 Vision Course.

Over the past 20 years, I've led thousands of students to discovering who they are.
Knowing who you are GIVES you VISION.
You will go through the same process my high level leaders used to clarify their vision.

You will move from confusion and uncertainty to inspiration and clarity in your vision.

You will KNOW what you came here to do with your body of work and how to make that your everyday reality.

Remember your body of work has a vision.

This mini course will show you exactly what that is.

You'll leave this course knowing your greater vision and your next steps.
You will move your heart based business forward, faster.

20/20 Vision Course

Who is this for?

- This is for you if you want to maximize your impact through your work and know the bigger picture of why you are here.

- You want to live your purpose with 100% clarity.

- You love serving others and know you are here for more than just a J-O-B.

- You know having vision is important for the impact you want to make, yet you struggle with knowing how to get it.

- You're currently working a day job but know you're destined for more.

- You want your mission to be your full-time work but just don't know the steps.

- You ultimately want to scale your heart-based business and know you need vision to do it.

- You are ready to implement and do what needs to be done to make your dreams real.

- You want clarity on your next steps NOW.

Who is this not for?

- You are ok with where you are and don't want to grow or go to the next level.

- You don't care about a vision for your work.

- You've given up and have chosen to stay in your 9-5.

- You don't follow through on your commitments.

- You purchase things that just sit on the shelf.

- You are fine living where you just go through the motions.

What's inside The 20/20 Vision Course?

20/20 Vision is the foundational course within the
HWLA's EVOLVE Digital Course Series.
It's a set of videos and guides designed to give you full clarity in your vision and how to bring that vision to life.

Here's what you can expect inside the course:

Module 1: The Basics of Visioning 

You will get the FULL breakdown of what a vision is, why it's important to have one and what happens if you don't.  You will be shown examples of vision to help you clarify yours.

Module 2: How to Embody Your Vision with BODY TEMPLE YOGA®

Be guided through a uniquely designed and curated practice with Daniella to unlock the vision that lives within your body temple.

Module 3: 6 Simple Steps to Making Your Vision a Reality.

You will learn the exact 6 steps to building your vision to move your business forward now.
You will know the top 7 mindset belief blocks to vision that keep you stuck where you are and how to avoid them. 



You are the creator of your path, so you can work through this course at your own pace.
You can also access the materials at anytime – for life.

Something new wants to emerge from you and your vision is it.

The difference between the most successful entrepreneurs and the ones who fail are the ones who have VISION.

Your vision will make all the work you do RICH with meaning and highly successful.

Your vision is the first step towards knowing your mission!


"IN THE PROCESS OF CULTIVATING YOUR GIFTS, THE VALUE OF YOURSELF GOES UP. This teaching from Daniella helped me to find my gifts and learn to own and lead my life, creating through heart-based decisions.
Thank you Daniella. You have changed the trajectory of my life in such a powerful way."

Rashmi S.

"I lacked the tools, structure, self-care nurturance which is why change was only short-lived. I didn’t know they key was to be ‘embodied’.
Learning heart-based leadership with Daniella is what’s made growth a continuous, sustainable process helping me create real, long term change in a way that’s made me feel more home within myself."

Divya N.


Is this course good for beginners or those just starting out?

Yes! This is perfect for beginners as this will get you off on the right foot from the start and avoid having to go back and change  your entire business later because you didn't know what your vision was!

Is this course helpful for seasoned entrepreneurs or those who already have a business?

Yes! If you already built your business but without vision, this course will refine, clarify and upgrade your purpose and body of work AND take your marketing and messaging to a whole new magnetic level!

Am I too old to start a business? Did I miss the boat?

No, not at all. We have lady leaders starting in their 50's and 60's who are rocking it and living the best years of their life yet.

Am I too young to start a business? Do I have enough life experience to even qualify?

Absolutely Yes! There are plenty of young millionaires running around these days who are sharing the fire and heart of the next generation that is having amazing impact on their piers and changing the world in powerful ways. You matter and we are here to help you find your voice and purpose!
PS - Did you know Daniella started in her 20's? So, Let's goooo!


I was humming along as a solopreneur doing what I loved for years until I learned about the importance of vision and found my true north.

That's when my business, work, messaging, marketing and purpose really went through the roof and I was tapped into a new level of awareness in my heart. My life had deeper meaning than just "doing what I loved".

I became the CEO of my company and my clients got incredible results. I watch the ripple effect of my work run through every lady leader I serve and onto those they serve.

This is where the world changes.

I know you have a powerful transformation available too.

I see it with every student who has implemented this course.

Why now?

A heart based business without vision has a higher failure risk.

The old paradigm is quickly crumbling. Notice how messy it's getting?

Those who stay in old structures without vision, will fall right along with it.

Those who step outside of it and create the new with vision will rise from it.

Which one will you be?

Can't wait to see you in the course.

Daniella, Lady D~


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