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Repurpose Your Passion Mini Course


Simple Strategies to Take What You Love and Turn It Into Your Dream Life.


"I have, grown my business from a solo venture to a team of 10+, I have learned to train and delegate. My business revenue has more than tripled and I'm working less. 
I've been invited to be a podcast guest and summit speaker and become a person who adds value to the lives and businesses of others. Thank you Daniella!"

Karla. B

"I’ve had a total  flip in the way I approach business and life. I’ve shed old limiting beliefs around money, mentorship, leaning in and my own capabilities. It is now second nature for me to view problems as opportunities for growth rather than obstacles.
This has allowed me to breathe freer and keep reaching outside my comfort zone for true growth - something I froze on before. Her encouragement to operate from VISION rather than circumstance has changed my life and I move with Grace and my feminine power and my vision clarified."

Sanjana R.

Let’s Talk Passion For A Sec...

Do you have activities you love but are only being used as hobbies or when you have time off?

Do you wish you could use everything you enjoyed in a business that was profitable AND benefited others?

Are you afraid of getting to the end of your life wishing you expressed more of who you are?

Do you know your passions but don't know how to package them in your business or bring them out in your life fully?

Are you afraid of missing out on what's truly in your heart?

Are you unsure of what ALL your passions are?

Imagine If...

Powering up your laptop every morning, excited to take on the day because you LOVE what you do.

Having a waitlist of clients ready to work with you because they love being around your energy.

Hearing your kids say they want to grow up to be like you because you're doing what you love.

Walking through life with a lightness and ease because you are finally showing up as unapologetically you. 
You feel unleashed and have more energy and aliveness everyday than you ever had before.

Your passion is there to point you to your purpose...
Here is what I mean...

Welcome to Repurpose Your Passion Mini Course

Over the past 20 years, I've led thousands of students to discovering who they are.
A crucial part of that is knowing what makes you come alive.
In this course, you'll receive my step-by-step process to create a heart-based business that's centered around what you love. Knowing who you are ties to your passions.

You will learn how your passions are not a coincidence but given to you and designed with your purpose in mind.

This mini course will show you exactly how.

By the completion of this course your purpose will be alive and well!
You will be confident knowing you won't build something that you'll give up on when the going gets tough.
You will lead by your unfiltered passion and include what you love!

Repurpose Your Passion
Mini Course

Who Is This For?

- This is for you if you want to build a heart based business that is aligned to your divine purpose.
- You want to build it with clarity and inspiration.
- You want to have a successful heart-based business doing what you absolutely LOVE.
- You find joy in helping others through your gifts.
- You want to change your life NOW.
- You know you are here for something more.

Who Is This Not For?

- You don't believe you can change.
- You are ok continuing to guess on your own what your purpose is.
- You have settled for your 9-5.
- You can't commit to anything.
- You are ok floating through life with no direction.
- You don't care about helping other people through your services.

What's Inside The Repurpose Your Passion
Mini Course?

Know Your Why - Personal & Mission

We will look at BOTH your personal WHY and your mission based WHY.
You will go through a process to know the deeper reason why you want what you want for your personal life and why you are called to do what you want to do for your heart-based business.
You will know what you are standing for in your work and with your clients.
You will know how the world can benefit from your work.

Evolution Of Your Why - Part 2  

In this next stage, you will go through a profound yet simple exercise to get to the root of why your WHY exists for ultimate clarity in your purpose.

Discover Your Core Values

You will go on a guided journey into yourself to reveal your true core values so every aspect of your life and leadership reflects every one.

Core Values - Part 2 

Learn how it can hurt your life and leadership if you don't know your core values.
Then, take your core values that you discover and move them into every aspect of your life and leadership.
Learn to hold yourself accountable so every decision you make stays in alignment with your core values.

Your One Time Investment


You will get multi year access to the course to return to it at every stage and growth of your heart based business as your purpose grows.

A new fire wants to emerge from within you and your passion is the spark.


"I have the teachings/tools and the support system to lean into to make my dream life and business a reality. This training gave me the confidence I needed and taught me to speak up for what I stand for and how much I can express myself. I will be doing another year in the Academy and seeing where life takes me with this new birth inside of me!"

Anu G.

"With Daniella's mentorship, I let go of fear and lead with my heart and my life changed for the better. I changed from insecure to a confident working professional. 
I help my clients get out of their monkey mind and into their heart and now their lives are changing for the better. It is a beautiful feeling to be helping others.
It’s a beautiful ripple effect."

Mayra F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course good for beginners or those just starting out?

Yes! This is perfect for beginners as this will get you off on the right foot from the start and avoid having to go back and change  your entire business later because you didn't know what your vision was!

Is this course helpful for seasoned entrepreneurs or those who already have a business?

Yes! If you already built your business but without vision, this course will refine, clarify and upgrade your purpose and body of work AND take your marketing and messaging to a whole new magnetic level!

Am I too old to start a business? Did I miss the boat?

No, not at all. We have lady leaders starting in their 50's and 60's who are rocking it and living the best years of their life yet.

Am I too young to start a business? Do I have enough life experience to even qualify?

Absolutely Yes! There are plenty of young millionaires running around these days who are sharing the fire and heart of the next generation that is having an amazing impact on their peers and changing the world in powerful ways. You matter and we are here to help you find your voice and purpose!
PS - Did you know Daniella started in her 20's? So, Let's goooo!

It was my passion that has got me through the times where I couldn't see my reason for being here.

It was my passion that led me to my purpose.

It is my passion that is the life and blood of my heart based business.

You have passion that is meant to raise you up and clarify your reason for being here. 

Your passion has purpose.

Keep that as your guiding light. It is part of who you are and why you are here.

So many of my students, clients and leaders are rocking their lives because of their passion.

Let this be the moment where YOU decide to activate yours.

with love,

Daniella/Lady D~


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Know *both* 
your purpose (your why)
AND your vision (future direction).

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